Senior Bus Stop Concept

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Redesigned Bus Stop for Assistance of Senior Passengers
Design Research / Urban Design Study

For integrated product development project at the Carnegie Mellon Integrated Innovation Institute, we were presented with this broad topic of enhancing the wellness of senior citizens.

Team: Brian Xiao, Scarlett Wu, Billy Lawton, Sara Al Megbel, Cem Ergin, Yool Park
Role I Played: User Research, Interviews, Product Strategy, Concept Development, Use-Case Analysis, Sketching, 3D Rendering

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Problem Framing & Preliminary Research

User Research

Interview at Carson Retirement Residence

Key Insights

  • Seniors are reluctant to use smartphone applications

  • Seniors use public transportation at least once every week

  • Walkers do not always offer usability and convenience when commuting

  • Current travel planning solutions does not accommodate seniors’ special needs

  • Seniors are most concerned about getting on and off the bus

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A reimagined bus stop system

  1. Execution over 3 phases

  2. Smooth technological transition and adoption over time

  3. Accommodates varying needs of seniors progressively