COANIQUEM: Brand Identity Guidelines Manual
COANIQUEM is one of the leading humanitarian institutions in Latin America that offers assistance to underage burn victims. I have created this style guide as a guidebook, a user's manual for the brand and awareness campaign created by the Healing Cloud Team that I was a part of at Art Center College of Design. The team consisted of several extremely talented illustrators and motion designers in addition to graphic designers.

Within Chile, burn accidents are the third cause of death in children under fifteen years of age, which represents 15% of the population. 90% of the burn accidents occur at home in the presence of adults and are caused by: hot liquids, open fires, electrical fires, and hot elements such as heaters and irons. Though they are small in size, the damage they do is quite large.

The Healing Cloud Project
Guillaume Wolf of the Graphic Design department led this transdisciplinary studio, partnering with Coaniquem. Working closely with the founding physician of the center, we created a new global campaign that targeted greater burn prevention awareness for children. While a global audience was the target audience, the campaign specifically focused on six Central American countries that stood to benefit the most from positive prevention messages and stronger global awareness.

Brand Book
Using the assets created by the illustrators and other print designers, I designed and wrote this style guide as a set of instructions for COANIQUEM to use in the future, so that they can understand how to use  the different elements of the identity system and campaign in the future.

The Healing Cloud Team, Art Center College of Design Spring 2013
Guillaume Wolf, Instructor
Paola Berenice Meraz 
Fatima Ghanavi 
Caitlin Anne
Diana Lui
Diana Mok 
Jennifer Cho 
Lawrence Chang 
Lisa Wakiyama 
Trisha Kim 
Matty Wei
Stacy Zou 
Brian Xiao